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Unit 1-3, Lytham Trade Park, Preston Road, Lytham, Lancashire FY8 5AT01253 738801enquiries@clipnplaysystems.com


What is a Clip n Play System?

Clip n Play ropes courses are made up of a number of walkways set at height. Various obstacles link these walkways creating an exciting and challenging activity. Participants are clipped into a safety system at the start of the activity and remain clipped in for the duration of their activity.

Clip n Play is the first truly multi-directional ropes course system, offering freedom of movement unlike any other ropes course. Other similar activity concepts force participants into a series of linear challenges with no alternative; this can lead to the participants getting “stuck” and feeling under immense pressure from the participants behind them. However the Clip n Play multidirectional track system allows participants to pass each other and encourage challenge by choice activity, bottlenecks are avoided and participants can enjoy the course at their own speed. Should a participant choose not to complete an obstacle they can move away and return when they feel able to.

Patents protect the elements that make Clip n Play ropes courses unique, these are:

  • Multi-directional twin track system
  • Slider technology

What a Clip n Play System can do for you Business

Our courses are suited to a variety of organizations and businesses. All courses are bespoke and will be tailored to meet your needs. We provide a turnkey solution offering design, manufacture and installation, training, business set-up and on-going support.


Key Features of a Clip n Play System

  • A Clip n Play ropes course is a proven viable stand alone business, enabling you to generate income and more profit
  • Continuous safety track system is easy to use and minimizes scope for operator error
  • High quality components ensure that courses are durable and have a long life span and low maintenance
  • Courses can be themed to meet your style
  • Interchangeable obstacles ensures your course will always remain fresh and challenging
  • Courses are modular so can be added to at a later date to further enhance your course
  • Courses are simple and safe to operate, requiring lower staff numbers than traditional ropes courses
  • Our fabricators have over 25 years of manufacturing experience. They are approved suppliers for many prestigious companies including Bentley Motors, Jaguar Land Rover, BAE Systems and Balfour Beatty.


Benefits to participants

Clip n Play is an adventure for all. It is an exciting yet safe activity that appeals to all ages and abilities. The Clip n Play Systems has proved itself as a dynamic play activity. It can also be use as an extremely important development tool when used in education, working with those who have specialist needs, for confidence building and teamwork activities:

  • Participants choose how their adventure unfolds and set their own challenges
  • A sense of personal achievement is experienced
  • Leadership and management skills are developed
  • Motivation is improved
  • Team spirit and peer support is nurtured
  • Self-esteem and confidence increases
  • Problem solving, decision making and risk taking strategies are cultivated
  • Agility and physical co-ordination is improved

Brief history

The Clip n Play system was created when a gap was identified in the market. The system was designed with the aim of providing an indoor activity that the family could enjoy together, whatever the weather.  The Clip n Play courses provide an exciting challenge for people of all abilities and ages (5 years +), enabling a family group to stay together, even if one member of the group wants to skip one of the obstacles.

The first Clip n Play course was built in Lytham in Lancashire.  The course provided a ROI within its first year of trading and recorded a profit in its second year of trading, proving itself as a viable business opportunity. The business continues to go from strength to strength.

Initially created as a family activity the Clip n Play System has established itself as a leisure, recreation and education activity. Appealing to individuals, groups, families, schools, young and old and those with specialist needs.



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